Where to Find Pomeranian Puppies

If you are fascinated by the Pomeranian dog breed and you’d like one for yourself the first thing to think about is where on earth you will find one? Pomeranian puppies are in high demand and can actually be quite hard to find – especially if you don’t know where to look. It’s not as easy as walking into your local pet store and finding the perfect Pomeranian waiting for you.

Once you’ve learned a bit about the Pomeranian breed and you have your heart set on having a Pom companion, get ready for an exciting adventure. Pomeranians are beautiful dogs with a spunky personality. They’re known for their long, fluffy fur, their poofy tails and their tiny faces. Pomeranians are most often black, brown or cream in color though some will be a mix of colors.

Pet Adoption Shelters

With a simple search of the internet you can find a giant list of pet adoption shelters that have Pomeranian puppies available. If other Pom owners have a Pom that had puppies they aren’t able to care for, they will be brought in to these adoption centers. Poms are also rescued from those who have abandoned them as well.

When you rescue an animal, you will have to pay an adoption fee, which is very affordable in comparison to just picking one out at a pet store – if you can even find one. Plus you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re helping an animal who needs you.

Pomeranian Dog Breeders

You can also go straight to a Pomeranian dog breeder. These are people who breed Pomeranians and sell them – much like a business. There are great breeders and there are horrible breeders so keep this in mind during your search for Pomeranian puppies. Breeders will also charge upwards of $850+ to get your hands on one of their precious pets. This is especially true of purebred Pomeranian pups. It pays to “shop around” because some breeders will charge insanely high prices for their dogs.

To find a reputable breeder of Pomeranians begin your search by locating local Pomeranian breeders. Many of them will have websites complete with pictures and descriptions of the puppies they have available. Try to schedule a visit with the breeder so that you can see what kind of living conditions their dogs are in. You can learn a lot about a breeder in one quick visit.

Humane Society

If you have a local humane society you could try calling them to see if they have Pomeranians available. Chances are when they get any kind of purebred that they’ll go quickly. If it’s possible, see if you can be notified when they receive a Pomeranian in their care.

Pomeranian puppies are one of the most sought after dog breeds around the world. People love their looks and the big personality they convey in such tiny bodies. Learning as much as you can about the Pomeranian breed, will ensure that you and your new pet can enjoy companionship during the years ahead.

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