Why Pet Owners Use Dog Containment Systems

Why Pet Owners Use Dog Containment Systems

Owners of different kinds of pets are interested in dog containment systems and the way to use for all sorts of purposes Such a system is composed of electronic devices, the transmitter placed in the middle of the containment area, the proximity sensors and the collar around the dog’s neck, used to keep the dog or other pet within a specific area, through giving it different types of aversive stimuli, like warning beep sounds and electric mild shocks. Your pet will receive these aversive stimuli only in the case he or she will get too close to the proximity sensors placed around the safe area you designated for its use.

The proven rationale is that the dog will soon associate the unpleasant sensations provided by the aversive stimuli with the necessity to stop crossing the invisible boundary of the electronic fence

These pet containment systems have numerous benefits that millions of pet owners have enjoyed and continues to enjoy. A part of the cases in which these devices are helpful to use are presented as follows:

If your dog crosses the limits of your property and wanders without human supervision, he or she are exposed to different mishaps, like car accidents or confrontations with other animals. The use of these electronic devices will help you save the costs and the stress involved by any of those mishaps. This is possible for two reasons. When the pet tries something you did not allowed it, the collar will firstly emit a warning beep for both the dog and you, and you have the time to stop its action.

Second, your dog will also be alerted by beep to stop in his tracks. If your dog has a short memory or is stubborn and ignores the warning sound, a mild electric shock follows and this time he stops. The dog will then be safe within the containment area. Train your dog back into the house at the warning sound before the electric shock.

Very few of the most stubborn dogs need more than two shocks to learn their safety and obedience lesson. You can adjust the level of shock that will be delivered to your dog depending on its size, its temperament and the general circumstances surrounding the attempt to cross.

Moreover, along the training process the dog will need less and milder shocks, untill he will stop when hearing the warning sound. For example, during the initial stages of use, you can set the shock at its maximum setting and then lower it to the minimum setting when your dog has been trained to respond to the beep alone.

You can also avoid building physical dog containment systems, like fences made of traditional materials. These fences may charge your budget with maintenance costs and additional real property taxes.

You can easily transport and reshape these wireless electronic systems. Just set up the transmitters and you are set to contain your dog within the house or within the yard sans the need to actually break down walls.

These dog containment systems make pet owners peaceful about their pets being safe when there are away from home.

There are different types of dog containment systems. They firstly warn the dog. Your dog is safe when you use a type of dog containment systems.

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