Pomeranian Puppy Teething Remedies: Tips for a Happy Pup

Welcoming a Pomeranian puppy into your home is an exciting experience. These tiny bundles of fur are irresistibly adorable and quickly become cherished family members. However, just like human babies, Pomeranian puppies go through teething stages, which can be challenging for both the puppy and its owner. This article will explore essential teething remedies to help your furry companion go through this phase comfortably and ensure a happy and healthy transition.

Understanding the Teething Process

Teething is a natural process that occurs when a puppy’s baby teeth, also known as milk teeth, start to fall out, making way for their adult teeth. Pomeranian puppies typically start teething around the age of three to four months, and the process can last until they are six to eight months old. During this time, your puppy may experience discomfort, chew excessively, and exhibit signs of irritability. Understanding this process is crucial in providing the right support and care during their teething journey.

1. Providing Appropriate Chew Toys

Chewing is an instinctual behavior in puppies and plays a significant role during the teething phase. Supply your Pomeranian puppy with a variety of safe and durable chew toys. These toys not only soothe their sore gums but also help to prevent them from gnawing on household items. Look for toys made from rubber or nylon, specifically designed for teething puppies, and avoid toys that are too hard or small to prevent any choking hazards.

2. Chilled Treats for Relief

Cold can help ease the discomfort caused by teething, and offering chilled treats can provide much-needed relief to your little furry friend. Consider freezing damp washcloths or using specialized teething toys that can be cooled in the refrigerator. The coolness will help numb their gums and reduce inflammation. Just make sure not to give them anything too frozen to avoid causing harm to their sensitive teeth.

3. Gentle Gum Massages

Massaging your Pomeranian puppy’s gums with your clean fingers can be a simple yet effective way to alleviate teething pain. The gentle pressure can soothe soreness and also get them used to having their mouth handled, which will be beneficial for future dental care. Ensure your hands are clean and do not apply too much pressure to avoid causing discomfort.

4. Frozen Carrots as a Natural Solution

Frozen carrot sticks serve as a great natural remedy for teething puppies. Carrots are firm enough to provide relief while being safe for consumption. Ensure the carrot sticks are of an appropriate size to prevent choking hazards. As an added benefit, the vitamins and minerals in carrots contribute to your puppy’s overall health.

5. Teething Biscuits for Puppies

Teething biscuits specially formulated for puppies can be a tasty and helpful option during this phase. These biscuits are designed to be soft enough for tender gums while promoting healthy chewing habits. Always check the ingredients to ensure they are free from harmful additives or allergens.

6. Redirecting Chewing Behavior

Pomeranian puppies can become quite enthusiastic chewers during teething, and it’s essential to redirect their chewing behavior appropriately. Whenever you catch your puppy gnawing on furniture or other non-chewable items, gently take the object away and replace it with an approved chew toy. Positive reinforcement with treats and praise when they chew on their designated toys will encourage good behavior.


The teething phase is a significant milestone in your Pomeranian puppy’s life, and being well-prepared to assist them during this time can make all the difference in their comfort and well-being. By providing appropriate chew toys, chilled treats, gentle massages, frozen carrots, teething biscuits, and redirecting their chewing behavior, you can help your puppy navigate through teething with minimal discomfort. Remember, patience and understanding are key during this phase, and with your love and care, your Pomeranian will soon have a gleaming set of adult teeth, ready to embrace the world with a wagging tail and a bright smile.


  1. When do Pomeranian puppies start teething?Pomeranian puppies usually start teething around three to four months of age.
  2. How long does the teething process last?Teething in Pomeranian puppies can last from six to eight months.
  3. Are frozen carrots safe for Pomeranian puppies?Yes, frozen carrots can be a safe and natural remedy for teething discomfort in Pomeranian puppies.
  4. What type of chew toys are best for teething puppies?Look for rubber or nylon chew toys specifically designed for teething puppies to ensure safety and durability.
  5. Is chewing behavior in puppies normal during teething?Yes, chewing is a natural behavior in puppies during teething, but it’s essential to redirect it to appropriate items.