Why You Cannot Use Bark Collars in Some Australian States?

All dogs bark. This is their way of communicating with the ones around. They bark from many reasons. Generally speaking, a dog barking isn’t a problem. Sometimes a dog barks too much. When this happens, it might affect anyone in the house, as well as the neighbors. You definitely want to put an end to this stress but you don’t know how. Some people who own such dogs have discovered the anti bark collars.

In many Australian states, a bark collar is not a solution. These states forbid the use of anti bark collars, as well as their import. The places that do ship them in get around this by either renaming the collars or disassembling them and shipping the pieces separately to be reassembled by the purchaser.

Anti-bark collars are forbidden in Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales and South Australia, but they are allowed in Victoria and Nother Territory, but only as a last resort. Here, the vet should give you a written recommendation for the collars. The commerce with bark collars is free only in Western Australia, Tasmania and Queensland.

Among the three types of bark collars, the static collar uses mild shocks. Whenever the dog barks, he gets a shock. These collars feature more levels. For example, the first time the dog barks he gets a small shock. If the dog starts barking again within a certain period, the shock is more intense. These collars have between 7 and 10 levels.

The countries that don’t allow the use of bark collars consider them cruel. Australia is not the only country in the world to restrict the use of bark collars. Those supporting bark collars believe they are not harmful for the dog. There is evidence that they are painful, including people using the bark collar on their own bodies. These people say the shocks are extremely unpleasant.

However, shock collars aren’t the only bark collars available. There are also citronella bark collars. A citronella collar works along the same line. But instead of a shock, the dog gets a spray of citronella to the face. Dogs really dislike the smell and the spray and they learn to stop barking. The dog is never hurt.

If you don’t like bark collars, you can simply train your dog. Many pet centers offer dog training options. It would be best if you combined citrus collars with dog training, as it will speed up the process.

Australia has banned bark collars being imported into their country, and they are illegal or restricted in most states. Australians want to find a more humane alternative for their dogs.

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There are many options to teach your dog good behavior, such as dog training or use bark collars.. In some states in Australia, dog collars are forbidden by law, as they are considered cruel methods of training. If you want to read more about purchasing bark collars in Australia, click this link.

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