June 15, 2009

White Pomeranian Puppy

D.O.B. 16/4/2008


Both Grandparents from USA

Duration : 0:1:1

Tags: cute, dog, fluff, nzx, pet, pom, pomeranian, puppy, White

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June 15, 2009

cutespitzy @ 7:25 pm

i like this but i …
i like this but i like shih tzu's more and im going to get one!

pokemonloveinloser @ 7:25 pm

im going to get one
im going to get one

oddball7784 @ 7:25 pm


cutiepatutie890 @ 7:25 pm

this pomeranian is …
this pomeranian is super and im thinking of getting one. :]

RecklessZero13 @ 7:25 pm

1 year later that …
1 year later that thing is gonna be RAISER ON METH.

bananafaerieV2 @ 7:25 pm

this is teh most …
this is teh most adorable little ball of fuzz ive ver seen <3 =]

Khmerpride72 @ 7:25 pm

awweyyy ! so …
awweyyy ! so fureaking ADORABLEE !(:

yorkies98 @ 7:25 pm

i have a yorkie, …
i have a yorkie, yorkies are better than that rat

PUPPY234567 @ 7:25 pm

Wow this pup is so …
Wow this pup is so cute!!! he looks like a little puff ball! is his name Snowball? that would be a good name.

trido1986 @ 7:25 pm

Angel puppy
Angel puppy

tikifun360 @ 7:25 pm

it looks soo cute, …
it looks soo cute, like its part of a fluffy cloud…gasp!

it shoud be the logo for charmin instead of that scary giggling bear

kiyoshi85 @ 7:25 pm

it probably doesn't …
it probably doesn't like being so high..

novaface @ 7:25 pm

what a little fckin …
what a little fckin CUTIE!! <333 :}

1loveeu @ 7:25 pm

OMG!! tat the most …
OMG!! tat the most cutest pomernaian i ever seen!!! xD

michelletanxj @ 7:25 pm

so adorable!! Give …
so adorable!! Give me! What's the name? OMG

GreenCheeze96 @ 7:25 pm

so sweeeeet and …
so sweeeeet and cutieeee

jessichka1994 @ 7:25 pm

Aww soo cute but u …
Aww soo cute but u knoe that when he is smellin and wants to get out he needs to

mefunny16 @ 7:25 pm

i want one!!!!!
i want one!!!!!

tortugasada @ 7:25 pm


ya11and11what @ 7:25 pm

My Pomeranian puppy …
My Pomeranian puppy is 3 months and she has been house traned for a week now and all i did was give her a treat every time she peed outside and i told her good girl no spots at all inside lol but they are VERRY hyper dogs so watch out! Her name is Tickles and she is cream/orange and she knows sit and shake! i have a few vids of her on my account!

mcrluver34 @ 7:25 pm

i want one!!!!
i want one!!!!

93Shani @ 7:25 pm



caricare98 @ 7:25 pm

this video is …
this video is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooocute!!!!!!!!!!!

Glendicious @ 7:25 pm

ahhhhhh soooo cute! …
ahhhhhh soooo cute!! It looks like a fluffy cloud :)

MISSxGAGA @ 7:25 pm

omg so cute *-*
omg so cute *-*

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