Uses of the Electronic Dog Fence

electronic dog fence

If you’re a dog owner, than you should know that your dog running away is no exceptional behavior; many other dogs tend to do the same if their owners do nothing about the situation. Many of these dogs will typically find ways to get out of fenced in areas and other containment areas. The worst case scenario is when you haven’t purchased a dog fence yet; it can be expensive to install one now, just for the sake of your pet. Luckily for dog owners, technology has advanced to a point where you now have more options than going through the laborious task of building a fenced in area for your dog. The electronic dog fence is a great asset for any dog owner concerned about the safety of his pet.

A professional company is in charge with installing this dog fence around the area where you keep your dog. You will also receve a special collar for your dog; you have to attach this collar to its neck. The collar is connected with several sensors placed near the fence. If your dog gets closer to any of these special sensors, it will make a beep sound that warns it. If your dog gets too close, it will receive a slight shock in response. 9 out of 10 dogs learn quickly that they need to stay away from the fence and most of them don’t even wait for the warning sound.

These fences have been argued by many to be inhumane treatment of animals. This might have been true for the first versions of dog fences, but now these mechanisms have been improved and don’t hurt the dog anymore. You are able to set the intensity of the shock so that it is not dangerous for your animal. If you’re still unsure if it’s safe for your pet, you can test the collar yourself. Even on the highest setting, the collar shocks the dog about as hard as a human gets shocked from static build up. They produce identical sensations; they are not painful, but they’re extremely annoying. The shock is more surprising than anything else.

Installing such a system is better than riskiing for your dog to escape on the streets and accidentally get killed by vehicles. Your dog will be protected in the area surrounded by the dog fence and there will be no more danger for it to escape unsupervised.

All those who own a electronic dog fence are happy with their decision, as they don’t have to worry about their pets anymore. They can let their dog outside in a seemingly open field without worrying about their pet running off and getting hurt or worse. The relief of knowing for certain that your dog is safe is well worth the price of an electronic fence. Now it’s safer and easier to own a pet. So what do you have to lose? Allow your dog the freedom of running about without a leash today.

You can use a electronic dog fence if you don’t want your dog to run away. It won’t hurt your dog at all, but keep it safe instead. Read more about the uses of a electronic dog fence.

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