May 30, 2010

Ultra Kawaii - Super Fluffy Pomeranians

What makes a puppy cute? Poofy fluffy fur? A tiny little nose? Little black eyes? Maybe it is the squeaky bark. Well whatever it is, Pomeranians have it all! Poms are one of the cutest breeds of dogs that exist on the earth and today's episode is all about them!

Thanks to all the cute puppies in this video: shanerpoms, anjula4pomeranians, armeleia, nelliedana, grigorexxxcore, 128irish, cutepoms, blusw33tsm, shrimpmobile, geocachingjeff, robinbrodeur, tonypham012, kaemarch, LostNawlinsNative, Leechenyang, angelahjung

Duration : 2 min 45 sec

Tags: animals

Filed under Pomeranian Dogs by Craig

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