Tips on Pomeranian Grooming

The Pomeranian dog is a very small little dog that is largely composed of a very thick and doubled coat of hair. There are actually several layers to the Pomeranian hair, which gives some people the impression that Pomeranian grooming would be extremely difficult due to the amount of hair they have however, Pomeranian grooming is not that, terribly difficult at all. The only notable difference is that some short haired dogs don’t need to be combed every single day however the Pomeranian is one that does require daily brushings due to the thickness and constant shedding.

In order to understand how to properly perform Pomeranian grooming on your puppy, it is really important that you realize that this breed of dog can knot and form tangles very easily. It is also an imperative issue to understand because of the double coat that the Pomeranian dogs have and they tend to shed those undercoats a couple of times a year. The Pomeranian grooming on a regular basis also immensely helps the coat grow and form on these little spunky dogs.

The Pomeranian Touch

There is likely no other dog that is more frequently seen in the dog shows as the Pomeranian. These little things are extremely popular and unlike a lot of breeds that can be disqualified by certain markings, it is widely accepted that most if not all Pomeranians are show dogs. It is for this very reason that there is so much focus and concentration paid to Pomeranian grooming as well as the fact that the Pomeranian coat is very coarse and thick. If it isn’t regularly maintained, groomed, washed and brushed the coat of the Pomeranian will suffer and turn very ratty, matted and full of knots and this doesn’t look very attractive on the little critters.

There are many owners that take part in regular Pomeranian grooming and are highly rewarded by happy little dogs, as they generally adore the attention and doting of being groomed. There are many tips and tricks you can learn to help you with your own Pomeranian grooming needs and can even help you with purchasing products that are necessary to maintain a nice coat for you dog. There are many sprays and products that can remove urine stains and grass stains as well as many other stains that your Pomeranian may have gotten into. Before you begin a Pomeranian grooming regime for you dog, be sure to find out all the helpful useful information from your local Pomeranian breeder.

Dane Stanton

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  • Irene Tanya

    I’m looking after my friends pomeranian puppy. Any tips? House-breaking? Grooming?
    He's a young puppy. Any tips please? Esp for housebreaking.

  • b.w.

    The first thing to remember about house training a puppy is there ability to hold themselves is limited. A rule of thumb is they can hold "it" usually 1 hour for each month of age. 2 months old = 2 hours, 3 months old = 3 hours, etc. When your puppy wakes up (morning, nap, whatever) the pup has to go, right then! Take the pup out. When the pup eats or drinks, it has to go, take the pup out. After exercise (play), take the pup out. When the pup does it's thing outside praise it. A lot. Tell the pup how good, how smart it is. You have to pay attention to the pups "looking for it's spot" behavior. When you see that behavior indoors, whisk the pup out. If you catch the pup in the act, simply tell it "NO!" and whisk it outside. If you find a puddle or pile after the fact, clean it up with an enzyme cleaner (pet food store) get a newspaper and hit…. yourself in the head and say "I should have been paying more attention." Daytime training they get pretty fast. Night time training is easier if you crate train the pup. Also remember the one hour/one month rule. You will have to get up through the night to take the pup out. Good luck
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  • Isaacrross

    I thought this would have grooming tips.

  • S.

    No tips at all.