June 15, 2009

The Pomeranian Species

The Pomeranian is a huge dog packed into a little tiny package of fluff that tend to be very yappy and bossy. Some have wondered how such a big dog can walk around in a little dog's body but the Pomeranian sure does it well. It is a small watchdog in the way that they are very alert and bark at strangers excessively. It is said that the Pomeranian is temperamental and needs to be put in his place by way of a firm hand.

If you let the little thing do as it wishes, it won't ever listen. This is in part due to the fact that they are incredibly intelligent and loves to learn new things. The Pomeranian gets along well with other household pets and animals but can sometimes be aggressive to any animal, large or small. The Pomeranian dogs have a great disposition and are very good at learning new tricks so get your new dog some treats and you both will be pleasantly pleased.

Features of The Pomeranian

The Pomeranian is as noted earlier quite small and is known to be in the group of 'toy' dogs because of it's size. You may have seen the Pomeranian dogs at a dog show or at the park that have the mask in the face and look slightly like a fox or those that look like a baby doll face. They differ in facial features just like humans do but all of them have one distinctive feature in common and that is of the triangle shaped ears that they adorn. The Pomeranian ears are pointy and stand straight up.

However, the feature that best sets these dogs apart from other small dogs is the tail that they carry around, feathered and pointed towards the back of the dogs head and they usually have a matching collar and fluff on the chest. They are very fashionable dogs and have a smart smile that shows the intelligence in the Pomeranian's expression.

The Pomeranian Roots

If you can believe this, the Pomeranian were once used and bred mainly for sheep herding and were brought to Europe from the far northern country of Prussia for just this reason, for selling to the sheep farmers. The Pomeranian descended from the Spitz breeds that and weighed anywhere up to thirty pounds.

An entertaining endnote on the Pomeranian, many old celebrities have owned them like Mozart and Marie Antoinette and even Emile Zola was known to own the Pomeranian.

Dane Stanton

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June 15, 2009

IDK!!!! @ 12:28 am

Why aren't different races treated as species?
like white be one species, then black, asian, latin,… why isn't all that made as species… like pomeranian orr terrier

White Talking Teddybear @ 12:30 am

A species would be like a bear and a fish and a dog.

In bears you have

-polar bears

In fish you have

-clown fish
-gold fish
-sword fish

In dogs you have


but black, white, asian, etc, we are all human. just different races. so we're all essentially the same species, just different races.

EDIT: Yong peng sung, I'm not going to type out each and every single freaking animal. it's just for a generalized statement. I am very well aware that there are tons of fish.
References :

Elle @ 12:32 am

Because they're not, they are all apart of the human species. Ethnicity would be a better term.
References :

Yong - Peng Suen @ 12:34 am

1st answerer has not idea what he / she is talking about. There are thousands of fish species. There are hundreds of tarantula species.

EDIT: but you said all fish is one species. Clearly not true. There are also hundreds of scorpion species. Members of the same species must recognize one another as the same kind. That's the criterion of species.
References :