April 30, 2010

Keeping Your Pet Pomeranians Coat In Show Ring Condition

Whether you actively show your Pomeranian dog shows or just have them as a loving pet, keeping his coat in top-notch condition is key for his good health .s well as his good looks. Despite their fluffy appearance, Pomeranians do not require an excessive amount of grooming and keeping their coat in good condition is not a hard task and can be one that both you and your Pom look forward to.

The first step to having a healthy coat is to be sure that your dog is free of parasites and fed a healthy diet. external parasites such as fleas, ticks and even ear mites will cause your doctor scratch thus pulling out hair. some dogs may even be allergic to fleas which can cause unsightly skin disturbances. While it's obvious how external parasites affect the health of your dogs coat, internal parasites can also affect it as they rob your dog from a vital nutrients he needs to be healthy. That's keeping your dog free of parasites and feeding him a healthy diet will give him all the vitamins and minerals he needs to be healthy and have a vibrant coat.

It's important to know, that the Pomeranians coat will change drastically from puppy hood to adulthood. When you first get your Pom, he will have light fluffy fur but at around six months of age this will change and he or she will start to grow in his beautiful double coat that Pomeranians are known for. You will see another change, when the dog sheds its first coat. You'll be able to get a good indication of what you're puppy's coat may look like when he is an adult by looking at the code of his parents. If it is full and fluffy and this is probably what your puppies coat will look like and is another good reason to be able to view the parents before you pick out a puppy.

Grooming your Pomeranian is not the arduous task you might think it would be. They can easily become matted, especially around the backs of the legs, behind the ears, under the belly and the chest area so daily brushing is probably best to avoid this and is a fun way to bond with your dog. When your Pomeranian is shedding you should take care to remove all the dead hair so that new hair can grow in. A nylon brush is best for brushing your Pom and you should really dampen his coat before you brush him.

Bathing your Pomeranian is easily done due to their small size. You can put them in sync pretty easy and rinse them off with the sprayer. You don't need to bathe your Pom too often, once every six weeks or so and be sure to use in organic shampoo formulated for dogs that is free of chemicals and preservatives.

In the summer, you can trim your Pom's hair down if you like the look and you should always take care to do a little skinny trim under the tail has this long hair can become soiled.

Another area to pay particular attention to in the Pomeranian is his feet. This breed should have small little paws like a cat but they hate our can grow out quite rapidly and you'll need to keep the hair trimmed back in order to keep the feet looking good. This will also keep the hair out of your Pom's way and you should also trim in between the pads under the foot and make sure the nails are trimmed as well to keep the dainty look.

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