June 27, 2010

How do you stud out a male pomeranian?

I have a male pomeranian that has been checked for all the defects, is papered, and is twice proven.
How do i go about studing him out? How do i find out what the normal cost is to do such a thing?

Start showing him in conformation trials with a reputable kennel club - if he's good, the b!tches will be lined up waiting.

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June 27, 2010

Kip’s Mom @ 12:14 pm

Start showing him in conformation trials with a reputable kennel club - if he's good, the b!tches will be lined up waiting.
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BMTHESPIAN @ 12:32 pm

First you get an AKC pom from champion lines and then show him to his championship. Then you have all relavant health testing done. (not just a vet check but xrays, optomatry ect, heart moniter, blood testing for some genetic disoders ect) Then you research his pedigree to find any defects that may be present that can't be tested for or don't show up until later in life. Then you continue to show him and if he is a good enough example of his breed the owners of the b#$#%#s will come to you. You won't have to go looking for them. Stud price is generally a puppy back or the price of a puppy expected from the breeding
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APBT Knight @ 12:55 pm

Enter him in Conformation and if he wins people will gladly ask you for stud
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bookmom @ 1:35 pm

He is proven how? You mean he is pointed??? If you want to breed him then showing him in conformation is the way to meet people who plan to breed their dogs.
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animal_artwork @ 1:52 pm

This is great information… I'm sure I can help you find someone who is looking to use him.

I need a few things first though:
His AKC name so I can check out his registration via their website.
A link to his OFA record- it looks like this: http://www.offa.org/display.html?appnum=726924#animal and of course, since he's a Pom it will need to list his patella's as well as a current CERF, hips/elbows, cardiac and thyroid.
His pedigree- containing all OFA numbers. It should, of course, be at least 75% in the red… why bother with anything less?
Current brucellosis clearance- which, of course, you will renew prior to each breeding AND you will insist each b*tch bred to has one.
Record of his previous breedings and contact info for the breeders so the quality of his get can be checked.

Of course- it may be easier for you to find out all this info from the national breed club - http://www.americanpomeranianclub.org/ You are a member, right?
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Dog is my co-pilot @ 2:00 pm

What is "papered"
Papers mean nothing. A Pedigree is what you need, with Champion lines and health tested dogs that goes back at least four generations.
And how is he "proven?" If your dog was proven, then you would have reputable and responsible breeders coming to you wanting your stud to sire their puppies.
Do years of research on genetics, get your dog CERTIFIED (if that's that you mean by, checked for all defects) and pass 100% in his health tests, study breeding and whelping, and attend a few dog shows.
Show your dog in Conformation, and when he wins his Championship other reputable breeders with Champion b*tches will come to you.
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Animal Care and Control 5 years

karen c @ 2:27 pm

A quality stud dog never has to place any advertising. Reputable breeders see him at the dog shows and word of mouth spreads on this beautiful example of the breed.

Alternatively, they'll see a consistent quality of progeny of the stud dog at shows and will want to seek the male that is consistently producing these quality pups.

Interested people will contact YOU, and at that time will ask for copies of the OFA certification, CERF documents, as well as his 4-5 generation pedigree. At that time, they'll research the pedigree for compatible dogs, they'll research the health certifications on the ancestors, they'll ask around to see who else has bred to the line and what results they got.

At that point, and only at that point, will a responsible breeder consider finalizing breeding plans. You do not want to breed to the owner of a female who does not go through the above, as they are most likely BYBs or less than stellar breeders anyway.

Any stud dog owner that has to go 'looking' for b!tches to breed to does not have a desireable stud dog. I do not advertise my Champion (American AND Canadian), OFAd, CERFd, dog at stud and I am constantly turning away requests to breed to him.
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