May 10, 2010

How do you find an affectionate Pomeranian?

How do you choose a pomeranian that will be affectionate, because I have heard that some pomeranians aren't very affectionate. Sooo how do you choose an affectionate pomeranian?

Adopt one as a puppy. Dogs personalities are a direct effect from their environment. And males tend to be a bit more possessive and aggressive.

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May 10, 2010

BYBS abuse their pets @ 7:16 am

you go rescue an ADULT pom who's temperment is already known
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Seaside Poms & BTs ♥ @ 7:30 am

Go to your local rescue or shelter, or a pom rescue, and they will suit you to the right dog.
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meowkitters3487 @ 8:15 am

Adopt one as a puppy. Dogs personalities are a direct effect from their environment. And males tend to be a bit more possessive and aggressive.
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I worked for a Pomeranian breeder. She did professional dog shows. And…general knowledge of my own dogs.

PATRICK O @ 9:02 am

I have never heard of a Pomeranian that is not affectionate.The Pom. is generally not fond of young children(the hair pulling isn't tolerated well)
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sailoraquafina @ 9:14 am

Pomeranians are very independent. My male pom is the most affectionate pom I have ever known, and we only get maybe 1 hour of cuddles with him a day if we are lucky!

If you want an affectionate pom, adopt one who is known to be loving and affectionate.

Males tend to be a bit more affectionate, females are more independent.
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pom owner

Divapom @ 9:58 am

Of course, there are differences in temperament in all breeds. But as a whole, poms are very affectionate with their owners. The problems usually occur with strangers, and that is where intense socialization comes in.
I have two poms. both are affectionate. one to the poing of being demanding. The other one always wants to be touching me. But he will quietly snuggle up to whatever body part he can reach and wait patiently for me to be ready to play with him. The demanding one is a female.

Like another poster said. If affection is a concern with you. The Pom rescues have many poms that are extreme cuddle bugs looking for a home where they can get and give lots of affection.

With puppies, you don't know what their final temperament is going to be. Some dogs, like some people, are just not born needing a lot of affection. Even if raised with lots of affection, it is just not their personality.
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Natalya @ 10:32 am

Pomeranians are very affectionate. I have been lucky enough to have two in my life ( though one for a relatively short time), and they were and my current baby still is the cutest, cuddliest, most respectful little guy on the planet! The thing to remember is no matter how cute it looks, it is not a teddy bear..treat it like a dog and it will be the best one you have ever owned :)
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x Spitz dogs are number 1 x @ 10:42 am

Pomeranians in general are very affectionate dogs but some can be tempermental and I think it comes down to how it was raised and genes.If you purchase a pup, be sure to see both Mum and Dad and if they are loving and affectionate, chance are the pup will be like that too.
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