May 3, 2010

Celebrity Dog Names and Breeds

Because pop culture is so prevalent in our every day lives, we often look to celebrities for hints and ideas on how to live our lives. Perhaps it's the idea of living glamorously, or maybe for sheer lack of creativity , we often emulate our favorite actors, actresses, t.v. stars, musicians and even politicians. Choosing and naming our pets is no different! We've all seen them, out and about at the dog park or shopping out on the town , celebrities love their pets! Whether you're a pop culture buff or not, if you're considering getting a dog, you may be inspired by whom and what some well-known personalities call their 'best friends.'

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal is 'best friends' with a German Shepherd named 'Atticus' and a Puggle named 'Boo Radley.'

'Bambi' is the Pit Bull that keeps tennis star Venus Williams safe at night.

Actress Sienna Miller keeps it simple with her mutts named 'Bess' and 'Porgi.'

Actress Minnie Driver loves her Black Labrador named 'Bubba.'

South African actress Charlize Theron owns two mutts named 'Delilah' and 'Denver.'

Actress (and daughter of Goldie Hawn) Kate Hudson pampers a Pomeranian named 'Clara Bo.'

Reese Witherspoon's two French Bulldogs each have a first name and a last. Meet 'Coco Chanel' and 'Frank Sinatra.'

Courtney Cox Arquette and her husband David Arquette have two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels named 'Harley' and 'Hopper.'

Actress Eva Longoria loves her little Maltese, also known as 'Jinxy.'

Hilary Duff has lots of (little) fun with her Chihuahua, 'Lola.'

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner named their Golden Retriever after the ultimate domestic diva: 'Martha Stewart.'

Talk show hostess and all-around star extraordinaire Oprah Winfrey has three Golden Retriever. She calls them 'Luke,' 'Layla,' and 'Gracie.'

Actor Adrien Brody has two Chihuahuas named 'Ceelo' and 'Lolly.'

Actress and wild child Lindsay Lohan has a Maltese named 'Chloe.'

Who can forget Ozzy Osbourne's wife Sharon Osbourne's tiny Pomeranian, 'Minnie?'

Jessica Alba named her two Pugs after the tragic couple , 'Sid' and 'Nancy.'

Joan Rivers, of most recent 'Celebrity Apprentice' fame owns a Pekingese she calls 'Max,' a Boston Terrier named 'Lulu' and a Yorkie named 'Veronica.'

Jimmy Buffet calls his Golden Retriever (what else?) 'Cheeseburger.'

Basketball star Ken Griffey Jr. has a Rottweiler named 'Akeiba.'

Mel Gibson's Australian Shepherd is named (simply) 'Patch.'

Who says small dogs aren't manly? Pro football player Bret Favre has a tiny Yorkshire Terrier named 'Jazzmin.'

Sir Paul McCartney's Sheepdog is named 'Martha.'

Author Stephen King keeps company with a Pembroke Welsh Corgi named 'Marlowe.'

Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Computer and infamous for his stunts on 'Dancing with the Stars' has a Shar Pei named 'Coco Puff.'

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith have tow Rottweilers, named 'Indo' and 'Zhaki.'

Actor and comedian Jim Carrey's best friend is a Great Dane named 'George.'

Matt Lauer, host of the Today Show on NBC has a Golden Retriever named 'Walden.'

Her Bull Mastiff, 'Koko', protects Singer Christina Aguilera.

Scarlett Johansen's miniature best friend is a Chihuahua named 'Maggie.'

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow is often seen out walking her Black Lab, 'Holden.'

Mary Kate Olsen of Mary Kate and Ashley fame owns a Chocolate Lab named 'Luca.'

So if you are looking for that special pooch to call your own, consider the personalities of the celebrities listed above. Do you identify with any of them? If so, you may get along with the type of breed that your 'hero' or 'heroine' has. If you've recently adopted a dog and are stumped for a name, you may find a great idea from a great star.

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May 3, 2010

You Know You Love Me ~ xoxo GG @ 4:05 am

Names questions Hollywood baby names?
Don't take this to seriously, it's meant for a laugh although I'm interested to see what you guys put, enjoy!

1. You are married to your dream celeb who is it? You move to L.A. with him for his career. You want kids but he says you should get pets first. You get one small male dog one big female dog. What are the breeds and names?

2. A year later you find out you are pregnant! You find out it is twin boys! One is named after a city in California, one is named after the city or state you come from or identify with. Middle names have matching initails what are they?

3. The twin boys are 3 now and very hyper! Your hands are full but you find out you are pregnant again! This time its a girl! First name is after an old Hollywood actress (eg Marilyn, etc), middle name is after your favorite season.

4. Only 6 months later your husband needs publicity ( haha i'm horrible) and goes to adopt a kid from a country of your choice, where does he go? He tells you there is a brother and sister pair of newborn twins, no names yet. You give them crazy celebrity baby names (make up ones or use ones like Suri, etc), middle names are from their country.

5. Angelina Jolie just one upped you and adopted a country, so you decide hey I better catch up! You also see that your pets are getting older too. You get fertility treatments and find out you are having triplets! One boy and two girls! Two of the first names are after your pets you chose in the beginning, third name is after an old family pet you used to have or know. Middle names are anything.

6. Optional: So the kids are all grown up now, (the pets live forever btw), what do they do for jobs and do you have any grandkids?

Star if you liked it :) Mine:

1. Poodle named Papito and Labrador named Milly

2. Folsom Everett and Diego Ethan

3. Greta Summer

4. Winter Analiese and Kingston Alek (Germany)

5. Papito Nicholas, Milly Olivia, and Ginger Madeleine
Josh Groban and Michael Cera????????? EW
Oh and for celebrity Matt Damon
Kiwi not at all he's really hot!

L @ 4:07 am

1. Brad
2. Angeles Ross and Austin Robert
3. Katherine Winter.
4. France. Kingston Eiffel and Harlow Paris.
5. Skye Mitchell, Sheila Margaret and Tasha Janelle.

Angeles is a doctor
Austin is a aircraft mechanic
Katherine is a beautician
Kingston is a architect
Harlow is a actress
Skye is a director
Sheila is a teacher
Tasha is a veterinarian.
There are 11 grandchildren.
References :

Amelia Celeste @ 4:09 am

1) Josh Groban! One Beagle, Avery and a Husky, Kaia.
2) Carson Albert and Easton Andrew
3) Audrey Fleur
4) India- Zanel Raj and Zora Parvati
5) August Nathaniel, Katherine Amelia and Lydia Charlotte.
6) Carson is a Doctor, Easton is a photographer, Audrey is a Model, Zanel is an engineer, Zora is a teacher, August is a musician, Katherine is a lawyer and Lydia is a writer.
7 Grandchildren.
References :

Stephanie @ 4:11 am

1. Michael Cera. =) Our pups are a corgi, named Johan, and a German Shepherd, named Yaneka.

2. Diego Leon and Camden Lazarus

3. Judy Frances Winter

4. India. Boy: Bop Amar and Girl: Teeny Gauri

5. Josephine Eliza, Luna Sophia, and Neko Magnus.
References :

Callianya @ 4:13 am

1. Justin Bieber(whata hottie!!!)
– toy poodle named Lilly and a maltese(idk how to spell it) named Collin(pr. call-ee)

2. Antonio Michael and Kohler Mitchell

3. Marilyn Winter (Marilyn Monroe, is amazing!)

4. Cooley Dawid and Kaddieallyn Anastazja (Poland)

5. Lilly AnneMarie, Collin Justin, and Chloe Alexandra

6. Antonio-lawyer, married to a woman named Stephanie
–Children….Antonio Michael Jr., Selete(cee-lest-ay) Justine, Lorraine Cadence, Aria Callie.

Kohler-doctor(plastic surgon), married to a woman named Shannon
–Children…Mitchell Cole, Baylie Lauren,Alexa Kristin, Connor Matthew, Aaron Sailor, and Braydon Zander

Marilyn-singer, married to Nick Jonas(haha!)
–Children….Nicholas Martin Jr., and Celeste Michaela

Cooley-CEO, married to a woman named Alyssa
–Children…..Dawid Henrie, Rachael Rose, and Selenia Cassidy

Kaddieallyn-stay home mom, married to Freddie Prinze Jr.(bye-bye Sarah Michelle Gellar!!!)
–Children….Hudson Xavier, Annistyn Alexandria, Jolie Annelise, and Bieber Stephen

Lilly-teacher, married to a man named Robert
–Children….Jennifer Sarah and Jessica Marie(twins)

Collin-actor, married to Selena Gomez
–Children….Kelly Jo, Samantha Bea, and Layla Rose

Chloe-actress, married to Chace Crawford
–Children…Avril Chloe,Adam Chance, Amy Chelsah, and Allan Carter

haha, wow…Justin ;) and I have 28 grandchildren!!!!!!
References :

Braylee V @ 4:15 am

1. Don't have a favorite celebrity but his name can be Nicholas Cage because he's all I can think of! A Blue heeler named Natalie and A Yellow Lab named Marley lol.

2.Hollister Mason and Denver Matthew

3. Molly Winter

4. Harlow Chung and Kingsley Chi (China) lol I think

5.Marley Kade, Natalie Sage, and Rosie Dase

6. They all work in the family buisness of being actors or actresses or singers and I have 8 grandchildren.
References :

See U In The Dark @ 4:17 am

1. I guess I am married to Taylor Lautner :D The male is a Yorkie named Max. The girl is a australian shepherd named poppy.

2. Carson Alexander && Grayson Avery

3. Clara Autumn

4. they are from Iran. Austin Syrus. && Sarah Parisa.

5. Max, Poppy, and Lilly

6. Carson is a lieutnant in the Navy. Grayson is an actor just like his dad. Clara is a nurse. Austin is an architect. Sarah is on Broadway
References :

Snowflake @ 4:19 am

1.Kamenashi Kazuya (He's a Japanese celebrity, but I'm bored so I'm playing anyways :D)
Male dog: Alaskan Klee Kai named Wolfram
Female:Siberian Husky named Snowflake
2.Colton Matthew and Indiana Michael (I'm actually from Illinois, but a lot of relatives live in Indiana, and I plan to go to college there.)
3.Grace Winter (Grace after Grace Kelly, my most favorite actress)
4. He goes to Japan! There names are Lumina Maki and Night Ryuu
5.The Boy is Wolfram Andrew, 1 girl is Snowflake Noel, and the other girl is Elizabeth Violet (The only pet I ever has was a boy goldfish, so I'm naming her after a stuffed rabbit that I have.)
6.My twin boys formed a band and became super famous, Grace got married to an Irish singer, and lives as a housewife in Ireland, Lumina and Night are translators in Japan, Wolfram is an actor, and Snowflake and Elizabeth are models.
Grace is pregnant, but grandchildren that are already born! ;)
References :

Kiwi_Dreams @ 4:21 am

Oh gosh. Honestly? wow you're going to make fun of me for this…. lol

1. Wes Bentley, rhodesian ridgeback (girl) & great dane (boy), Roxy and Jackson

2. Colton Cox, Scott Samson

3. Joan Summers

4. Ireland, Emma Lynn & Sean

5. Roxy, Jackson, & Rachel

6. You know, he hasn't picked any of these names. It's HIS turn.

*PS I am exhausted now! haha
References :

vg61 @ 4:23 am

1. Iago a rat terrier & Delilah a boxer
2. Glen Dale & Austin Delaney
3. Evelyn Summer (actress Evelyn Keyes)
4. Spatula India & Cupcake Bengal (India)
5. Iago Troy, Delilah Destiny & Sandara Piper
6. Glen Dale is a pilot & Austin Delaney is a firefighter.
Evelyn Summer is an Actress.
Spatula India is an attorney & Cupcake Bengal is prison warden.
Iago Troy is a teacher, Delilah Destiny is a stay at home mom & Sandara Piper is a waitress. There are lots of grandchildren, too many to keep track of their names. *:)
References :

Bailey Jordan @ 4:25 am

Brad Pitt

Female German Shephard named Katie and Male Weiner dog named Jake

Francisco Nathan and Lawrence Nicholas (Lawrence is a town close to where I live)

Marilyn Summer

France: kids names Alycksandruh Marie and Pluto Jacques

Katrina Lexi "Katie" and Jacob Noah "Jake" and Abigail Kori "Abbie" (my old dog)

haha, wouldnt use probably any of those except the last three.
References :

caphofa @ 4:27 am

i would marry Jonathan Rhys Meyers!!! terrier named Tucker jackson (boy dog) and a black lab named Zim (girl)
2. Lincoln Cruz Lachlan connelly
3.katherine winter
4. (ireland) Ryder Declan, alaytra aislynn
5.Tucker jackson, Zim Electra, maverick Blake
6. maverick is a highschool drop out and a pool hustler!
References :

cnhanna87 @ 4:29 am

1. Lucas Till – dogs Tucker (beagle) and Maggie (golden retriever)
2. Diego Grayson and Macon Griffin
3. Lucille Autumn
4. Brazil – Rocket Iguacu and Pilot Tapajos
5. Tucker Lee, Margret Anne, and Jake Ryan
6. Grown up kids: all married
- Diego and Macon open up a restaurant sports bar and both are married, Diego has two boys and a girl (Jonathan Keith, Joel Jackson, and Jessica Ruth) – Macon has two girls (Tabatha JoAnn and Laura Danielle).
- Lucy followed in her dads footsteps and became an actress and has been married twice with four kids, two girls and two boys (Ginger Harper, Hannah Grace, Justin Henry, and Harrison Jacob)
- Rocket is working in construction building hotels and is married with two twin girls (Kayleigh Faith and Kacey Hope)
- Pilot is married and a stay at home mom with four boys (Jeffrey Michael, Dylan Cole, Thomas James, and Samuel Caleb)
- Tucker is married and is a lawyer who works big company cases with one girl and one boy (Megan Iris and Tucker Lee Jr.)
- Margret is married and works along side her husband at a tanning salon with one girl and is pregnant with twin boys (Anne Marie and Isaac David and Ian Daniel)
- Jake is married and works with his older brothers at the sports bar as a chef and he has three kids two girls and a boy (Madison Rae, Jennifer Kate, and Ryan Hudson)
References :
that was interesting

ємвιℓу ƒσяєνєя αи∂ єνєя ♥ @ 4:31 am

1. Chase Crawford ♥ Toy Poodle Max & Choc. Lab Coco

2. Willaim Joseph & Benjamin James ♥ (From PA, lived in Franklin)

3. Audrey Summer [Audrey Hepburn] ♥

4. Kingston Alexandre & Suri Belle [Fracce] ♥

5. Max Patrick, Coco Elizabeth, & Ruby Grace ♥,_Bradley,_Tia_1yr_old.jpg

My kiddies:
Liam, Ben, Audrey, Kingston, Suri, Max, Coco, & Ruby ♥
References :

nicheledres @ 4:33 am

Hmm…interesting. I like this.

1. Oh wow, this is hard. There's too many to choose from! Okay, Misha Collins because I was just reading his tweets not too long ago. Dogs would be a mini American Eskimo Dog named Cody and a golden retriever named Chloe.

2. Mateo Castiel (because it would be SO Misha) and Braden (town in Tennessee) Christopher

3. Grace Summer

4. He goes to Australia because he knows I love that country. But yikes, why would I be that mean? :) If I were, guess I'd go with Echo Sydney and Jagger Logan.

5. Cody Luke, Chloe Elizabeth, and Cooper Allyson
References :

тαяα-вєℓℓє ♥ (Yellow Giraffe) @ 4:35 am

1. Cavalier Cross Maltese named Luca and Labrador named Lexi.

2. Carson Michael and Albury Matthew (Albury is in Australia in N.S.W, I don't live there but I have been there lol)

3. Grace 'Gracie' Autumn (After Grace Kelly. Btw, Spring is actually my favourite season but it's a stupid name so I went for my second favourite season haha)

4. Zora Malika and Bronx Maliki (Africa. They mean Queen and King, I think?)

5. Lucas Nathaniel, Alexa Scarlett, Brooklyn Rose (After Luca, Lexi and Brooke!)

Luca, Lexi, Carson, Albury, Gracie, Zora, Bronx, Lucas, Alexa and Brooklyn!

6. Carson Michael: Carson is a single stay-at-home dad to his two boys, 4 year old Jameson Markus and 3 year old Grayson Monroe. He is planning on working part time at a bank once Grayson starts school.

Albury Matthew: Albury has just married his first wife, Lucy. She has an 8 year old girl Kaitelynne Taleah from a previous relationship.

Grace 'Gracie' Autumn: Gracie has followed in her fathers footsteps and becomes an actress. She becomes an actress in a reality show, and is currently dating one of her co-stars.

Zora Malika: Zora is a marine bioligist who is single, but she is in the middle of adopting baby boy/girl twins from Africa! She is planning on naming them Zoe Malia and Ben Mason (the same initials as her and her twin brother).

Bronx Maliki: Bronx is a school P.E. teacher, and is married with 7 kids! 5 girls, and 2 boys (all with nice classic names, he hates his name!), Charlotte Faith, Eve Marie, Henry Thomas, James Cameron, Amelia Ellen, Rebecca Jane and Kate Elizabeth.

Lucas Nathaniel: Lucas is a plumber, with a girlfriend and a new-born baby girl, Lillian-Daisy Roselett (Roselett after his triplet sisters middle names scarLETT and ROSE).

Alexa Scarlett: Alexa is a midwife who is single. She has had many boyfriends, but really wants to find her true love! She doesn't have any children, but she has 2 dogs (Poppy and Max), a cat (Belle) and a goldfish (Sam).

Brooklyn Rose: Brooklyn is a stay-at-home married mother to her 3 children. 3 year old twin boys, Jacob and Noah, and a 1 year old girl, Emma. She is currently pregnant with number 4!


I forgot to say who I married! Lol um I'm not sure, maybe Chad Michael Murray?
References :

Princess Charlotte @ 4:37 am

1. haha, John Krasinski (Jim from The Office)
male dog=Jack Russell Terrier named Fox
female dog=Samoyed named Anya

2. Cruz Preston and Wheaton Pierce (after Santa Cruz, Cali, and Wheaton, Illinois)

3. Katherine Autumn (after Katherine Hepburn)

4. He goes to Italy
The twins are Saryn Natalia and Bern Salvatore

5. Anya Scarlett, Charlotte Alexandria, and Fox Ethan (Charlotte is after my beloved pet hamster who died 4 years ago)

6. Cruz is an actor, married to Giselle, and they have 2 girls and a boy, Eva, Tessa, and Reeve
Wheaton is a producer, married to Cait, with 2 boys, Jack-Thomas and Austin-Mark
Katherine is a model, married to Damien, with twin daughters Zoie and Skylar
Saryn is a talk show host, married to Devon, with son Rhett
Bern is a traveling chef for a cable channel, divorced from Whitney, with daughter Leona and son Bryce from his marriage, and a girlfriend Natasha (who's a Russian tennis player)
Anya is an actress, married to Gage, with baby son Josiah
Charlotte is a famous author, married to Rien, with daughter Carina and baby son Cameron
Fox is a newscaster, engaged to Carmen, with an out-of-wedlock daughter Brielle

Super super super fun game! =)
References :

Niksticks @ 4:39 am

1. Married to Josh Holloway *drools* (Sawyer from Lost)
We get a maltese cross named Max and a golden retriever named Mia.
"Max and Mia"

2. Anderson Wyatt and Quinn William
(Quinn from Queensland, Australia).

3. Audrey Winter
(Audrey Hepburn)

4. He goes to Ireland.
Zali Aislinn and Jett Declan
(Zali is pronounced Zah-lee with a long 'a' sound).

5. Max Aiden, Mia Evangeline and Zoe Indianna.
(After using Max and Mia, I chose another 3 letter name :D)


Anderson "Andy" followed after his Daddy's footsteps and is a lead character on a medical drama show. He has also starred in a few movies. He is married to a photographer, Anneliese. Together they have two daughters: Callalilly Anne and Violet Amelia. They also have newborn triplet sons: Taj Martin, Bennett Aston and Jude Bentley.
"Anderson, Anneliese, Callalilly, Violet, Taj, Bennett and Jude"
"Andy, Anna, Lilly, Viola, Taj, Ben and Jude"

Quinn is a prized author of books, likened to his generations Dan Brown. He is married to Emma, who is a stay-at-home mum to their two children: Zachary Quinn and Madelyn Emma.
"Quinn, Emma, Zachary and Madelyn"
"Quinn, Em, Zach and Maddy"

Audrey is a producer of short films that have been viewed in Cannes. She has been married (and divorced!) three times and has four beautiful daughters: Caitlin Audrey, Isabelle Catherine, Charlotte May and Eleanor Ruby.
"Audrey, Caitlin, Isabelle, Charlotte and Eleanor"
"Audrey, Cate, Belle, Charli and Ella"

Zali moved back to Ireland and fell in love with a farmer named Eamon. She works on the farm with him, and they have three sons: Liam Patrick and Declan Malachi and Sullivan Eamon.
"Zali, Eamon, Liam, Declan and Sullivan."
"Zali, Eams, Lee, Deck and Sully"

Jett writes screenplays, very successfully and is married to an actress, Ellen. Together they have twin girls: Alexia Grace and Hannah Faith.
"Jett, Ellen, Alexia and Hannah"
"Jett, Elle, Lexi and Hannie"

Max moved to Australia and opened a surf school on the beach. He met another surfer - Tahlia and they got married on the beach. They have a little boy, Ethan Maxwell and a newborn daughter, Ava Natalia.
"Max, Tahlia, Ethan and Ava"
"Max, Tahli, Eth and Ave"

Mia married an heir to a hotel chain named Logan. Together they travel around a lot in their private jet with their two daughters Portia Eloise Rose and Lucia Elise Violet and their son Fletcher Logan James.
"Mia, Logan, Portia, Lucia, Fletcher"
"Mia, Loges, Portia, Lulu and Fletch"

Zoe is an internationally acclaimed model. She has never been married but has a daughter and son from a previous relationship. Their names are India Cadence and Tyler Jacob.
"Zoe, India and Tyler"
"Zo, Indi and Ty"

References :

- @ 4:41 am

1. a] Zachary Levi b] Cockapoo named Griffin c] Golden Retriever named Francesa

2] Dixon Warrick and Mead Westley

3] Bridget Autumn

4. a] England b] Ev Liam and July Abigail

5] Griffin Wyatt, Francesca Avery, Liesl Anina

6] LOL…too much to think of
References :

Lisa Michelle Is A Lumi Fan @ 4:43 am

1. I'm married to Jensen Ackles
Golden labrador called Goldie and Chihuahua called Lady

2. Ontario Jensen & Kent James

3. Grace Autumn (Grace after Grace Kelly)

4. He goes to Vietnam. We name them Fortuna Nam (boy) and Karirayma Vie (girl)

5. Goldie Jessica, Lady Sue and Toby James.

Lisa Michelle x x lol x x
References :

UnCoolio @ 4:45 am

1. Ed Westwick! Small Yorkie named Butler & Newfoundland named Tilly.

2. Indio Cameron & (Not from America, but i'll do it anyway) Boston Charlie

3. Lillian Autumn

4. Italy! Blakesley Isobella & Sparrow Matteo (My poor kids)

5. Tilly Adelaide, Sweetie Amelia & Butler Nathaniel

~Indio, Boston, Lilian, Blakesley, Sparrow, Tilly, Sweetie & Butler.
My POOR kids!!


= )
References :

Monica @ 4:47 am

Oscar the shih-tzu and Ally the labradoodle
Clayton Andrew and Dakota Adam
Audrey Summer
Rory Nickolas and Jasey Anastasia (Greece)
Olivia Morgan, Alexander John (Alex) and Daisy Brooke

Clayton, Dakota, Audrey, Rory, Jasey, Olivia, Alex, Daisy
References :

cuginetta in love @ 4:49 am

1) Jesse McCartney
2) A Yorkie, Jonas, and a yellow Lab, Honey.
3) Francisco Noah & Dallas Nicholas
4) Audrey Summer
5) Namibia. Princess Kandi & Rocket Kandali
6) Honey Harmony, Jonas Peace & Love Liberty

Francisco: Manager. He lives in NY with his wife Selene and thei kids: Aurora,Athena & Thalia×609.jpg

Dallas: Engineer. He lives in Nashville with his girlfriend Lisa and their kids: Lucy & Lucas

Audrey: Actress. She lives in LA with her adopted son, Kendall, and her youngest sis Princess

Princess: Model. She lives in LA with her older sis Audrey, her nephew Kendall and her chihuahua Paris

Rocket: Singer. He lives in San Diego with his girlfriend Julia

Honey: Dancer. She lives in Miami with her boyfriend Alexander (they are expecting a baby), her sis Love and her niece Ashleigh

Jonas: Doctor. He lives in Savannah with his wife Katherine and their daughter Hannah

Love: Fashion designer. She is a teen mom. She lives in Miami with her 3 years old daughter,Ashleigh, her sis Honey and her sister's boyfriend Alexander
References :

FerociusFish @ 4:51 am

Taylor Lautner!!!! 2 Newfoundland puppies Jake and Winnie

Mason Thomas & Jackson Taylor

Miley Summer

Apple Mali (even tho its gwynenths kid) & Shiloh Zambia (even tho thts angelinas kid)

Winnie Olivia, Jake Alexander, & Zoey Alexis

Mason & Jackson are acting duo with their dad Mason has 6 kids (Lucas, Leah, Lily, Lexi, Landon, Liam) and Jackson has 4 (Alexis, Brandon, Conner, Daniella) . Miley is a singer (lol) and has 2 kids (Callie and Bree). Apple is a photographer and has 3 kids(Carson, Colby, and Carter). Shiloh is a model and has 4 kids(Hannah, Ian, Grace, Nathan). Winnie is a stay at home mom with 5 kids (Violet, Winter, Rose, Rhody, August) . Jake is a pro football player with 3 kids (Ethan, Emmett, Elijah). Zoey is an artist with 4 kids (Noah, James, Kate).

So I have Mason, Jackson, Miley, Apple, Shiloh, Winnie, Jake, and Zoey. Then Lucas, Leah, Lily, Lexi, Landon, Liam Alexis, Brandon, Conner, Daniella, Callie, Bree, Carson, Colby, Carter, Hannah, Ian, Grace, Nathan, Violet, Winter, Rose, Rhody, August, Ethan, Emmett, Elijah, Noah, James, and Kate.

Omg 8 kids, 30 grandkids.
References :

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