September 5, 2010

How to introduce a pomeranian to a german shepherd?

Recently we got a 3 month old pomeranian and and one of my family members got a german shepherd about 1.5 years (not sure) from an animal rescue. We tried to introduce the two but the german shepherd growled and barked at our pomeranian. First our pomeranian growled once, but is now scared of the german shepherd. Maybe the german shepherd or pomeranian doesn't socialize well with other dogs. What can we do to train the two dogs to like each other?

Go for walks together, walk between the dogs (2 handlers are necessary!).

Introducing dogs should always be on neutral ground under controlled circumstances, ging for walks together normally works fairly well. If that don't work - call the shelter and see if they can send someone out to help you guys a bit (they should have checked if the gsd had problems with other dogs before placing it with you guys to start with)

Good luck!!!!

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August 31, 2010

What are some advantages and disadvantages of owning a pomeranian?

I have a two month old pomeranian. She is a girl. Her name is Maya.
I've only had her about a day so I really don't know her all that well. But she seems pretty good. I'm just wanting to know what to look forward too.

Poms are my absolute favorite breed!!!! I have owned 4 Poms. My 1st Pom Rita I got as a B-day present when I was only 10 years old. She died last year at 15 so you can imagine how heartbroken I was. Pom females are really great when it comes to housebreaking, so you're lucky there. I recommend putting down a pee pad and also taking her outside it will make your life a lot easier! Just be careful with feeding her when you're eating because most Poms will end up being horrible beggars My girl Gina tries to steal the food out of my hand LOL I got her when she was 4 months old and I think she was really spoiled.

A lot of people have negative things to say about Poms like they're aggressive but I have had a ton of experience with them and in my experience they are the most outgoing + friendliest little dogs ever.

Another really important thing to remember is they're VERY prone to eye and teeth problems. It's really important to keep snacks to a minimum and feed her dry food daily. Not to say you can't give her treats but not all the time. Especially soft soft and cheese is the worst for their teeth. I give Gina milk once a week as a treat and it's good for her teeth. Other harder treats are good to like those dog treats that look like bacon. Also greenies is great for their teeth! They are expensive but the small ones are like $2 each.

Other then that just enjoy her puppy hood! Poms tend to have similar personality types. You'll notice the cute little things she does that you've seen other poms do, like tilt her head to the side when she's confused or how they dance when they're begging. I can't really think of any disadvantages and like I said before house breaking a female Pom is really easy.

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August 28, 2010

When is the start of heating in a female Pomeranian?

I have seven months old pomeranian. When is the best time for her mating?

You should never EVER EVER EVER breed a dog on its first heat cycle!!!

You sound like you are new at this. There is SO much bad genetics in the Pomeranian as a breed. My friend has two 'well bred' Poms that she has done agility with and has had to retire both before 4 years of age due to genetic problems like bad knees, etc.

You should really just spay your sweet Pomeranian and leave the breeding up to the professionals. No one in the Pomeranian breed seems to do it right anyway so why add to the bad mix?

PLEASE don't breed your puppy!!

IF you insist on breeding her, you must wait until she has had at LEAST one heat cycle that you have not bred her on. Breeding on the first heat cycle can cause serious damage, and death, to a young female dog.

You also must do health screens to rule out any genetic problems she might be a carrier for and make sure that the stud you breed her to has also had the same testing done on him. Hips and elbows checked (OFA or penn-hip, which can't be done until 2 years of age), eyes checked, etc etc.

If done right, breeding your dog will not make you ANY money, in fact it will cost you money. Only breeders that have a LOT of experience and know-how and 'ins' with vets, etc, can make any money off of breeding.

Please, follow Bob Barker's advice and be a responsible pet owner — have your little baby spayed! I beg you!!

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August 25, 2010

How can I stop my 4 year old pomeranian from peeing on the carpet?

I have a 4 year old pomeranian who was trained to go to the bathroom outside. Lately she has been lazy and i don't know whether or not that is why she is peeing on our carpets. I scold her — that is i show her what shes doing but that doesn't help at all. Sometimes she goes outside to do her business, and other times she does it in the house.

What exactly do i need to do to teach her not to pee inside the house? Is it because she is lazy?

Go back to toilet training, that is take her out after she wakes up, after eating and after playing, be with her stand and wait quietly until she toilets and then praise her, so you reinforce what you want her to do……the trouble with scolding dogs who toilet in the house it is drawing attention to what you don't want and any attention is better than none…it also makes dogs anxious and more likely to go toilet in the house……..restrict her space if you need to leave her, which will help her understand not to toilet in the house….as unless she has a medical issue dogs don't toilet where they sleep/play/eat.

She is not lazy she just needs her toilet training being reinforced

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August 20, 2010

What are signs that a 5 month old Pomeranian is in good health?

I'm going to check out a Pomeranian tomorrow, and I'd like to know some tips on how to make sure the dog is healthy.


The dog should be alert, have clear eyes and fur that is in good shape e.i. no patches missing or dry. I would also look at where the dog is kept. Is it in a worm, dry, clean place?

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August 16, 2010

What kind of bone is good for my pomeranian?

My dog is a Pomeranian. She is about 5 years old. She can chew up a semi soft bone in less than a couple of hours and I'm wondering if anyone has any idea what kind of bone I could give her that will last longer. I don't want to give her something too hard that would possibly hurt her teeth though.

Raw beef bones are good (not cooked). You can get them from a butcher, just tell them that you want to buy one (or two) for your dog. It usually isn't much. It won't hurt her teeth. I have seen little toy dogs eat raw beef bones before. I'm sure that she'd be very busy with a big bone for quite a while.

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August 12, 2010

How much would petsmart charge to groom my Pomeranian?

I have a 9lb pomeranian. I want to get the full service groom. Bath, haircut, nails.
Not a puppy. He's 5. I know it costs more when the dog has a lot of hair. Anyone ever taken a pomeranian there?
I know I could ask the store….I wanted to hear from people who have gone there.

I get my dog groomed there. It's $30 bucks for the bath, hair, and nails. She's a Yellow Lab-Spaniel mix, so she's a bit bigger than your Pom.

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August 7, 2010

How much would it cost to take my pomeranian to hawaii in a airplane?

I am planning to take my pomeranian with me to hawaii for the summer for a week and i want to know how much it would cost to take my pom on the airplane and will he be with me or in the back somwhere. He is about 5 pounds, less then that. How much would it cost? Thanks

You need to contact the airline as some airlines will not allow pets on board. I use Continental, and since your dog is tiny, you should have no problem. Just make sure s/he is up to date on all shots, has an airline-approved soft-side carrier (like Sherpa), and be prepared to pay over $200.

Also, before you even contact the airlines, contact the State of Hawaii (try their website and find links to traveling there with pets); there may be some restrictions on bringing in pets, even from the States, for only a week.

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August 1, 2010

Why would my Pomeranian not want to walk away from the house?

My Pomeranian loves to be out and go for walks. We go in a circle basically around the block and he doesn't like to walk away from the house. He refuses to walk and sits down and will not stand up. On the way back towards the direction of the house he will walk as quickly as possible. How can I get him to walk nicely with me?

Wow when I got my pom she did the exact same thing. It was frustrating how she would just sit and cry and then try to pull me toward my house. Just the other day I walked her and for the first time we actually did walk! Not stop every 5 seconds!

Let your dog wear his leash around the house so he is used to it. And let your dog out as much as possible. Let him walk around without you holding his leash (of course stay very close to him so he won't run) but all you really need to do is expose him to the outdoors. He sees your house as security when he's afraid. It will take lots of time and patience but he'll come around and eventually you can go on nice walks together!

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July 27, 2010

What is the best food to feed my Pomeranian?

Yep. I buy him pedigree food, but I do not know if it is any good. I tried researching online on what is the best food for him, but it is ridiculous, I cannot find a thing. What brand is best for him? What type of food is best for him? It doesn't even have to be a dog brand. For instance, maybe I could just feed him chicken with no salt on it, I don't know. I need direct answers, not the vague ones that I find online. Thanks.

He is an eight-year-old, male Pomeranian. He is not overweight. He seems to be quite healthy. I always give him exercise. He will eat whatever I give him. His teeth are healthy. He has no health problems or diseases.

Here are some of the BEST foods out there!

Innova, Innova EVO, California Natural ..:


Timberwolf Organics:

Chicken Soup for the Pet Lovers Soul:

Stay away from Pedigree, Science Diet, Kibbles and Bits .. basically anything that you can get at petsmart/petco — walmart .. etc.

Search for a food that has no corn, wheat, soy, fillers .. etc.

Here is a list of the top 10 dog foods:

Here is a dog food star review:
I would feed my dogs ONLY a 5/6 star reviewed dog food.

Hope that helps!

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