What Are the Most Popular Pomeranian Mixes? 101 Guide

Pomeranians are adorable little toy dogs all by themselves but they are also commonly mixed with other breeds. Purchasing a mixed Pomeranian through the use of a breeder can be somewhat risky because it’s not as easy to tell what kind of mixed breed it is versus just knowing it’s a purebred Pomeranian. If you are looking for breeders of mixed Poms, be sure to ask questions about the parents of the mixed Poms and any other questions you may have.

One of the most common types of Pomeranian mix is the Pomeranian Chihuahua. There is an official club for this breed known as the Pomchi Club of America. However, the American Canine Hybrid Club considers the official name of Pomeranian Chihuahua mixes as “Chiranians”. This mixed breed also goes by the names of Pomchis and Chi-Poms as well. Pomeranian Chihuahuas are obviously small, weighing anywhere from around 5 to 10 pounds. Some may be slightly lighter or heavier too depending on the parents of each litter.

Most Popular Pomeranian Mixes

Another popular type of Pomeranian mix is the Pomeranian Yorkshire Terrier. Officially known as “Yoranians”, these dogs are also known as Yorkie Poms and Porkies. The Yoranian is not always bred 50/50 with one Pomeranian parent and one Yorkshire Terrier parent. It is definitely possible, but it’s always a good idea to check with your breeder for specific breeding details. Second-generation pups are 50/50 but many pups are multi-generational breeds.

The Maltese are another breed of dogs that are commonly mixed with Pomeranians. The officially recognized name of this mixed breed is the Maltipom. Some people also refer to these dogs as Pomanees. Like all other designer mixed breeds, they are not always 50/50. The easiest way to determine what breed your dog might be is to know the characteristics of each of the known breeds and find them in the pup. It’s usually quite easy to do but may be more difficult if the pup has more than 2 dog breeds.

Pomeranian poodles are yet another Pomeranian mix that you may come across from time to time. These dogs are known as Pomapoos though they’re also referred to as Pooranians, Pom-a-poos and poopoms. The look of these dogs will vary considerably, especially if the parents are not purebreds.

It’s not uncommon for Pomeranians to be bred with two purebred parents of two different dog toy breeds. Crossbreeding with another small breed is a very common practice. Dogs bred with two purebred parents of different breeds are commonly known as “designer dogs” and dogs that are bred with mixed breed parents are commonly known as “mutts”. In reality, any dog that is not purebred is considered a mutt.

Breeders breed designer dogs for a variety of different reasons but the fact is that Pomeranians can be crossed with various breeds and still produce one of the cutest little dogs you’ve ever seen. Pomeranians are intelligent and affectionate creatures that are known for very remaining loyal to their owners.