How to Train a Pomeranian to Sit: A Simple and Effective Step-by-Step Guide

Teaching your Pomeranian to sit is one of the foundational commands that every dog should learn. It’s a basic behavior that can be used in various situations and helps promote good manners and obedience. With patience, positive reinforcement, and consistency, you can easily train your Pomeranian to sit on command. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started.

1. Find a Quiet and Distraction-Free Area

Choose a quiet and distraction-free area for training sessions. This will help your Pomeranian focus better and be more receptive to learning.

2. Gather Tasty Treats

Gather small, tasty treats that your Pomeranian loves. The treats should be enticing enough to motivate them during training.

3. Get Your Pomeranian’s Attention

Before you start the training, get your Pomeranian’s attention by calling their name in a cheerful and positive tone. When they look at you, you know they are ready to begin.

4. Lure Your Pomeranian into a Sitting Position

Hold a treat close to your Pomeranian’s nose and slowly move your hand upward and slightly backward, guiding them into a sitting position. As their head follows the treat, their bottom should naturally lower into a sitting position.

5. Say the Command Word

As soon as your Pomeranian is in a sitting position, say the command word “Sit” clearly and firmly. Use a consistent tone of voice for the command.

6. Reward and Praise

As soon as your Pomeranian is sitting, give them the treat and offer enthusiastic praise. Positive reinforcement is essential in training, as it reinforces the desired behavior.

7. Repeat the Training

Repeat the training steps several times in a row, with short breaks in between. Consistent repetition helps reinforce the association between the command and the action.

8. Practice in Different Locations

Once your Pomeranian has learned to sit in the quiet area, practice the command in different locations. This helps them generalize the behavior and respond to the command regardless of the surroundings.

9. Add Verbal and Hand Signals

As your Pomeranian becomes more proficient in sitting on command, you can add a hand signal to accompany the verbal command. For example, raise your hand palm-up when saying “Sit.” This visual cue reinforces the command and makes it easier for your Pomeranian to understand.

10. Be Patient and Keep Training Positive

Training takes time, and each dog learns at their own pace. Be patient with your Pomeranian and avoid any punishment or negative reinforcement during training. Keep the training sessions short, positive, and enjoyable for both you and your furry companion.


Training your Pomeranian to sit is a fundamental and essential command that sets the stage for more advanced training. By following these step-by-step guidelines and using positive reinforcement, you can teach your Pomeranian to sit reliably on command. Remember to be consistent, patient, and make training a fun and rewarding experience for your beloved Pomeranian.


  1. How many treats should I give my Pomeranian during training?Use small treat portions during training to avoid overfeeding. You can break larger treats into smaller pieces to make them last longer.
  2. What if my Pomeranian doesn’t sit during training?If your Pomeranian doesn’t sit during training, go back a step and use the treat lure to guide them into the sitting position. Repeat the process and be sure to reward and praise when they do sit.
  3. How long should each training session last?Training sessions for Pomeranians should be short, typically around 5 to 10 minutes. Pomeranians have short attention spans, so keeping the sessions brief and focused helps maintain their interest and engagement.
  4. Can I use other rewards besides treats for training?Yes, you can use verbal praise, petting, or a favorite toy as rewards during training. Find out what motivates your Pomeranian the most and use it as a positive reinforcement tool.
  5. When is the best time to start training a Pomeranian to sit?You can start training a Pomeranian to sit as early as 8 weeks old. Puppies are quick learners, and starting training early sets a solid foundation for their future obedience and manners.