“very helpful and has answered a lot of my questions”

 “I totally loved your book and I am recommending it to all my friends who also own dogs. As a first time owner it has been very helpful and has answered a lot of my questions that I would not have even thought of to ask. Thanks a million. Jacob Mcclure Laramie WY

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“your book provided me just what I needed”

 “..I have read your book and I am so impressed.  You have covered everything that I needed to know especially about what I should and shouldn’t feed my ‘HUDSON’.  I needed to find out all that I could and your book provided me just what I needed to make my HUDSON the happiest healthiest and above all the most well-behaved dog ever. Thank you so much! Sam Fletcher, Butte ID”

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“I am so glad I found your site”

 “I just wanted to thank you for all the extra stuff you have been sending my way.  Ever since I bought your book I have been amazed at all the time and energy you put in with sending more stuff my way.  Your book has been our bible.  I am always pulling it out there looking back at different things that you covered in it.  I don’t think I could have done as good a job with our new puppy without learning from your knowledge and experience in your book.  I am so glad I found your site Joyce Hammilton, Alliance NE”

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“the most comprehensive teaching guide I’ve ever seen”

 “..I have just read your book and have to say that it is the most comprehensive teaching guide I’ve ever seen. I wonder how long it took you to gather all the information on this wonderful dog.  It will take me some time to fully digest everything. I now know one thing and that is the importance of being prepared.  Yesterday I noticed a small change in DALLAS, and from your book took him to the vet.  He had Bloat and our early action could have saved his life.  Thanks for making me aware of what to look out for! Carolyn Hill, Rockford IL”

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“Your book had so much more info”

 “…your book has been a godsend!  I’ve been to Barnes and Nobles and checked out some of the books on the shelf there but I have to say your book has so much more info.  The other books seemed to general, and I wanted something that was specific to my Pomeranian. Your book had so much more info that in the end it was an easy choice to make to get yours. My ‘ Max ’ is 12 weeks old now and we have had him for about a month. I wasn’t sure when or how to start training him but after I read your book I have got him sitting down and going in his crate thanks to your help… Roger Callhoon Medford OR”

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“I will gladly accept your “real” advice any day of the week”

 “….your experience and insight is “real” and rather than coming from a fabricated wanna-be-expert it comes from a person who has the knowledge experience and skills from raising dogs as your pet and family member, and not solely for breeding and financial gain.  I will gladly accept your “real” advice any day of the week because it comes from “real” experience, issues and situations.  Thanks for sharing yourself with me because you have helped me change so many things already!  Patrick Chaffey, Kelso WA”

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How to potty train your Pomeranian

This is one of the biggest problems most dog owners seem to have.  It is no wonder after all, no one wants their dog peeing and poohing all over their house! However this is a very common problem, and one that leads to constant frustration and anger. The thing is though that potty training is quite easy to do when you know how.  Yet some people persist in trying to figure it out for themselves by using methods and techniques that don’t work. We you’re in luck because The Pomeranian Manual will show you step by step exactly how to potty train your Pomeranian in the shortest possible time. When you get The Pomeranian Manual you will get all the answers and secrets on how to potty train your dog fast.  This will mean you can finally trust your doggy around your home and live happily together in your house.  You both will love that won’t you?  So all the info you need is all laid out and waiting for you to apply.  You could go on trying to figure it out by yourself, or take the easy way and get the “how to” in a matter of minutes. I guarantee it will work for you. You can get your copy from this web site: Pomeranian Potty Training

“…your book is excellent and very well written.  We have had our dog for years now and your book has given us answers to a lot of questions that no one else has been able to answer.  The main thing it has really helped us with is potty training.  ‘Barney ’ now tells us when he wants to go and pee.  He never did this before.  Thanks to your book we have finally his potty business in check.  Sue Brown, Greeley CO  ”

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Dog training tailored specifically for your Pomeranian

There are a lot of generic dog training books out there but rarely do you find them specifically tailored for the Pomeranian.  That’s why I invested the time and effort to show you exactly how to do it for this amazing breed.  So in The Pomeranian Manual you will get the exact methods and techniques on how to train your dog.  This means you can feel reassured that the techniques and methods are specifically designed for your Pomeranian.  Another thing is that all your friends will comment and marvel at how well trained and obedient your dog is.  You’ll love it.  After you own The Pomeranian Manual you’ll say ‘about time there is a book that finally shows exactly how to train the Pomeranian’.  Click on this web site Pomeranian Obedience Training to order your very own copy of The Pomeranian Manual.

“You did a fantastic job! Your book has shown me where I was going wrong with ‘Max’.  I have read your book twice now and I can already see an improvement especially with him completing the obedience commands you set out in your book.  By the way, before I found your book I had ordered another man’s audio lessons that cost about $50 and found them annoying and unhelpful.  Once I found your reasonably priced book I e-mailed him and got a full refund.  Mary Amariah,Barstow CA”

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How To Get your Questions Answered?

If you are still deciding whether to order the book then let me give you one of the biggest reasons why you should get it right now.  When you are an owner of my book, you will get personalized access to me, to help you with anything relating to the care and training of your Pomeranian.  Let me be quite clear, that this access is only available to those who own The Pomeranian Manual. So after you order The Pomeranian Manual, it means you can relax with the peace of mind knowing that someone else is only a moment away from giving you all the help and support you need to make your dog is the happiest healthiest and best behaved dog on the block. So I will be available to help answer your questions, and help with raising your best friend simply because you own my book. You won’t find too many other authors willing to do this, will you? Go ahead and get your copy from this web site Pomeranian Book


Here is what Christine Maples from Texas had to say:
 “…one of the biggest fears I had with my new puppy was doing something wrong that could hurt him physically or even emotionally.  I had a ton of things I needed to know that I couldn’t find answers to. Your book helped so much but when I sent my first email to you I couldn’t believe that you really did personally answer questions.  Thank you so much for helping me get on the right track with my dog as I really don’t think I could have got to where we are now if I didn’t take the plunge and get your book.  lots of love Christine ”

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How to correct your doggies temperament

Here is another important feature of the book that you simply cannot afford to miss out on.  In it, you will uncover all the experts’ secrets on how to change your dogs temperament for the better.  Whether you currently have a dog that has a few behavior problems or not, this info is critical if you want to keep control and maintain the ideal Pomeranian temperament and behavior.  So, armed with this info, you are going to be miles ahead of the pack in terms of knowing these secrets, and will feel in-control as to how to change and manage your dog’s temperament.  The trouble is that most dog owners struggle on without the correct information and continue to try and mange their dog hoping for the best. But I figure, why risk leaving it to chance when a resource is already available to you with everything so simply laid out waiting for you. All it takes is a simple order and download of the The Pomeranian Manual and you’ll be able to start improving your Pomeranian temperament immediately! You’ll be so happy you got it, I guarantee it.  Go get it from this website: Pomeranian Temperament

“…Your book was fantastic.  We should have bought it before we got ‘Rusty ’. You see we are first-time dog owners.  Rusty  has been a lot of hard work and I know we could have controlled him better if we knew back then what we now know from your book. Thank you for writing it as it has made us much better parents for Rusty .  John Rothwell, Albany GA.”

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