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Welcome To The Pomeranian Manual FAQ Blog!

 Hi there, and thank your for your interest in my book, The Pomeranian Manual.
This site has been put together specifically to help answer any questions or concerns you may have about my book.
The Internet can be quite an impersonal place, and rather difficult to know who you can trust online, do you agree?  Well I […]

“..teaching my Pomeranian how to potty”

 “Absolutely amazing! I got you book three weeks ago because I needed help teaching my Pomeranian how to potty. Well your book changed my whole approach and now my “Ralphy” tells me when he wants to go out to potty. He could never do this before. Getting your book made a huge difference and I […]

“I would recommend the Gold Package.”

 “Yes, I have read your book and I am presently working through the homemade
treats section. I have learned such a lot about correct diet (I was doing
many incorrect things)…..Thank you so much for your excellent book…I would recommend the Gold Package to everyone, as putting your book together with the training manual by Ray Coleiro […]

“….we are lucky to have found it”

 “….Yes the book was Downloaded without a hitch….We have read the book, and though it was very amusing, all was so true about the Pomeranian.
There is a lot of information contained in this book which will be very useful for our little mischievous 7 month old puppy, who likes to run out with underwear or […]

“…I e-mailed him and got a full refund”

 “You did a fantastic job! Your book has shown me where I was going wrong with ‘Max’.  I have read your book twice now and I can already see an improvement especially with him completing the obedience commands you set out in your book.  By the way, before I found your book I had ordered […]

“….really helped us with is potty training”

 “…your book is excellent and very well written.  We have had our dog for years now and your book has given us answers to a lot of questions that no one else has been able to answer.  The main thing it has really helped us with is potty training.  ‘Barney ’ now tells us when […]

“it has made us much better parents”

 “…Your book was fantastic.  We should have bought it before we got ‘Rusty ’. You see we are first-time dog owners.  Rusty  has been a lot of hard work and I know we could have controlled him better if we knew back then what we now know from your book. Thank you for writing it […]

“Your book is truly The Pomeranian Manual”

 “I have just finished reading your book and the one regret I have is that I didn’t get it six years ago!  I made so many mistakes in the past and I now see how I could have done it better.  At least now with your manual, I can begin again.  Your book is truly […]

“the book you wrote is a perfect 10 out of 10!”

 “This is the most comprehensive and understanding in sight to the Pomeranian that I have ever seen. My wife, Bette and I have found the manual to be extremely helpful…. the book you wrote is a perfect 10 out of 10!” Jack and Bette Seagal, Hope AR
To get your very own copy of The Pomeranian […]

“loads more stuff that I have seen in any of the other books”

 “.. I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that I was very impressed with your manual.  I was really glad I got it as it had a ton of information in it, and loads more stuff that I have seen in any of the other books I have read about the […]

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